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Classes Timetable

Our group fitness classes have an emphasis on individual coaching and the relationship that comes with it.

We’ll learn your name, get to know how your body moves and continuously coach you so that the workout can support your goals and your safety. Rest assured you will join a health & fitness team that is as committed to your safety, development and goals as much you are.

• Designed for everyone  
• Start at any fitness level  

• Get in the best shape you can be
• A personal programme  
• Caring, Challenging, Inspiring

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
05.45 - 06.30 Strength & Conditioning Strength Conditioning Strength & Conditioning Strength
06.30 - 07.15 Strength & Conditioning Strength Conditioning Strength & Conditioning Strength
07.15 - 08.00 Strength & Conditioning Strength Conditioning Strength & Conditioning Strength
08.00 - 08.45 Conditioning
08.45 - 09.30 Conditioning
09.15 - 10.15 Strength & Conditioning Strength Conditioning Strength & Conditioning Strength
17.00 - 17.45 Stretch & Flow
17.45 - 18.30 Strength & Conditioning Strength Barbell Club Box Fitness
(18.00 - 19.00)
(17.15 - 18.00)
18.30 - 19.15 Strength & Conditioning Strength Stretch & Flow Strength
(18.00 - 18.45)
19.15 - 20.00 Ladies Only Strength & Conditioning Strength Ladies Only Strength & Conditioning Strength & Conditioning
(19.00 - 19.45)

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Strength class in Wrexham


Wherever you are on your fitness journey, this session is for you. In groups of no more than 6 people this session is underpinned by a science based programming and we are sure to help you achieve your training goals. Once you are confident with basic exercises and movement patterns we will help you progress and achieve results you want. The sessions include fundamental strength exercises and variations along with a portion of the session that includes a conditioning emphasis to help achieve an overall improvement in well-being and physical appearance.

Conditioning class in Wrexham


An energising session that targets all major muscle groups using various equipment and body weight exercises. Circuit training sessions are tailored for all ability and fitness levels with a design to improve your functional strength, cardio fitness and decrease your body fat percentage.

These sessions are always varied and challenging as we want to keep you guessing but importantly have a main focus on improving your exercise technique while pushing your limits.

Box Fitness class in Wrexham

Box Fitness

This session is easily one of the best ways to quickly lose body fat, increase conditioning levels, build confidence, de-stress, learn self-defence techniques and develop total body strength.

Through guided rope-work, shadow boxing, pad-work, bag-work and boxer-style circuit training we will help take your physical shape to a whole new level whilst learning the true craft of a fun and challenging sport. Classes are friendly, and open to everyone, whatever your level of fitness and boxing experience.

Hill & Step Running class in Wrexham

Hill & Step Running

Our Hill & Steps class involves a variety of inclines, steps and small hills. We generally meet at Moss Valley country park but sometimes we like to switch the venue to keep you guys on your toes. This class really is for all abilities, whether that be someone that at the moment cannot complete 1k without walking, to the Athlete that is looking to shave seconds off their 5 or 10k PB.

The main reason it is for all abilities is due to the intervals on average lasting 20 seconds then returning back to the starting point and repeating the intervals in your own time. No one gets left behind!

Ladies Only Strength & Conditioning class in Wrexham

Ladies Only
Strength & Conditioning

Hannah will make you feel at ease within the group, tailoring exercises & programmes for each individual. We follow the same structure as our main S & C programme. Starting with Strength exercises then ending the session with a combination of bodyweight and Cardio to give the ultimate gym session.

Barbell Club in Wrexham

Barbell Club

Here you will be coached the correct technique on all fundamental exercises. Once you have mastered the basics you will be able to progress to the more complex Olympic lifting and Power exercises.

Stretch & Flow class in Wrexham

Stretch & Flow

A 45min session which includes static stretches and mobility flows. This class is aimed at gym users and exercise enthusiasts who struggle to find time to slow their training down and focus on flexibility.

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